Frequently Asked Questions


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Where are you based?

Lovelane Films is based in Southern Gold Coast.

How far do you travel for weddings?

We will travel anywhere for your wedding day! Our travel cost is included in our packages from Brisbane down to Byron Bay and out to Toowoomba and Tamborine. So basically the whole of South East Queensland and Northern NSW!
If your venue is out of this range we do charge a small travel fee, or occasionally 1 night accommodation if it is further than a 4 hour drive from Palm Beach. If you're unsure whether or not your venue is in our range, just ask :)

Do you film destination weddings?

We do! & we love to! We do not charge extra on top of our package costs for destinations, we just require a plane ticket and minimum 2 nights accommodation. Get in touch to chat further about your destination wedding!

How long will my highlight film be?

This depends on the package you choose, which will be anywhere between 2 - 7 minutes. We also create a sneak peek trailer specifically for social media which is 60 seconds long.

Will we also get the entire Ceremony and/or Speeches footage?

You can add a Ceremony film and/or a Speeches film to your package. Submit a price enquiry to see examples of ceremony and speeches films.

What about RAW footage?

You can also add on what we call a 'Documentary Film'. This is essentially the raw footage edited together to create one film. We do this because its easier to watch back on the entire day this way, and we also take out any unnecessary footage and edit minor adjustments to colour and audio. Submit a price enquiry to see examples of documentary films.

Is it just you or do you have other videographers?

Our base package covers just one Videographer (me!). You can add a second shooter to your package. Occasionally (depending on the wedding) I do bring along an assistant to help film all of the critical moments. This is included in your package.

Can we pick the music?

Short answer; No.
We are required by Australian copyright laws to pay a fee to license all music we use in our films. This is intended to ensure that the musicians who own the songs are compensated for the use of their work. There is a huge collection of music available that we can license for an affordable fee (which is included in your package). If you want a popular song in your wedding film it may cost upwards of thousands of dollars to license, so it's just easier to leave it up to us to pick the music that best suits the vibe and energy of your day.

How long will it take to receive our films?

We will create a short sneak peek trailer for you within 2 weeks of your wedding day.
We ask to allow us up to 4 months to complete your full highlight film and any extra films you've added to your package, The timeframe varies depending on what time of the year your wedding day is.

Do you use drones?

We can! You can add drone onto your package. Our drone pilot is insured and certified with CASA so they can operate drones legally for commercial use.
* Drones can only be flown in CASA approved airspace and only if approved by the venue. Enquire with us to find out if we can fly a drone at your venue.

Do you have insurance?

We do! We have public liability insurance up to $5 mil. We can supply your venue with the required documents if requested.

What camera equipment do you use?

We currently film on Canon 5d mark iv's with several L-series Canon lenses.
We also use a Tascam audio recorder (that connects to PA systems) as well as 3 lav microphones to ensure we record the best sound on the day. We also have a PA system you can hire if your venue or celebrant does not supply one

What are your prices?

Our wedding packages start at $1,750. Submit a price enquiry to view all of our packages and price options.

Funds are tight, why should I hire a videographer for my wedding day?

A professionally created wedding video is the closest thing you will ever get to re-living your wedding day. Photos are a necessity but videography offers a whole other dimension to your memories; the words that were spoken, the laughter, the tears, all captured by us for you to look back on over and over again.
Not hiring a videographer is the #1 regret of brides and grooms Worldwide, so If you're still on the fence remember you will only ever regret the things you don't do. So hire a videographer for the most important day of your life!!

Ok we're keen! How do we book?

We require a 20% deposit and a signed contract to lock in your wedding day.
Send us a pricing enquiry to view our packages and you can lock us in from there! :)